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Zebba Story

Zebba is the brainchild of two people who couldn’t be more different but who share the same deep passion for shoes. Childhood friends, Paras and Shambhavi, who fought over silly things, realized that they were both absolute shoe fanatics.

Brought together by Shambhavi’s designing skills and Paras’ shoe-manufacturing experience in the European markets, the duo now creates shoes that are fashionably comfortable and relevant.

Paras’s family was already manufacturing shoes and selling them in the European markets since 1988. He realized that there was a huge potential for his creations in India as well. Wanting to capitalize on the ever-growing Indian market, which has stood its ground despite the global economic crisis, he felt it was the right time last year to penetrate the Indian market with his own brand.

Zebba is an exquisite line of patent leather shoes, designed with a fun and contemporary edge and handcrafted by skilled artisans in Kanpur.

The word Zebba is Persian for everything graceful and delicate and it is the brand’s constant endeavor to create designs that are elegant and playful at the same time.

What makes Zebba stand out besides the designs is the quality of materials that are used in making each shoe. Made with materials ranging from exotic rare leather to matt suede, each design is ideated with thoughtfulness and infused with artisan laces, satin silks, and embellishments like rivets and zips.

Early on, Paras and Shambhavi knew that the focus of the line would be flats. With the market flooded with heels, which are both – unhealthy and not-so-comfortable, the pair felt the need to cater to women who did not want to compromise style for comfort.

There was also a looming gap in the market for sophisticated ballerinas for women as tall as Shambhavi, who always felt too awkward in heels, towering well above most men around them.

Zebba is also unique in terms of its ability to customize its shoes according to your needs and specifications. Don’t like a color, want to change the black suede for the nude, tell us and our experts will create the shoe from scratch and we’ll have it delivered to you. Add sequins, remove the zip, you say it, we’ll do it.

The result – a classy, glamorous and fun pair of shoes that will last you a lifetime

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We do not charge our customers anything for the shipment. All delivery charges are borne by Zebba.
Made with love
Most of our shoes are handcrafted so it takes around 7 working days to process and courier your order. However, in the rarest of rare cases, it may take up to 10-12 business days.
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All unworn and undamaged products, unless specified, can be exchanged. We are happy to take back unused products within 15 days. We’ll replace and send you a new product.