How we make shoes

A typical Zebba shoe is almost like a piece of art with fine craftsmanship. Minute details are added to give you a perfect pair of shoes.

Did you know what goes into making your shoes? We’ll tell you how we produce some of the finest leather shoes.

Pattern making

What you wear is not just a design on a paper for us. Our expert group of designers first create the pattern on a cast. Generally the pattern size is 37, which is the standard global size for women footwear.


Once the pattern has been prepared, it is graded in all sizes. The difference between each consecutive size is 6.6 millimeters. Apart from this, the vamp girth, which is the front part of the shoe, and joint girth also differs according to the size.


The is the first actual step towards making your footwear. Once the pattern is ready, our cutting department trims the leather or suede or any other cloth according to the pattern. The materials are hand-dyed and cut by hand.

Upper closing

The upper material, which has been cut to size, is now attached with a lining, wherever necessary. It is then molded, pierced, punched, ridged, and mounted with perfection on the line-up.


The upper needs to be stitched before it goes ahead for the next process. This gives a strong hold so that the upper material doesn’t tear apart.


In this step, the Zebba logo is stamped on the insole, either by heat embossing or screen print.


Lasting is the most critical part of shoe making. This is the process of stretching the upper material over the cast to give it definite shape. A high degree of force is applied for stretching and it is then adjusted at different points of the cast to acquire its definite shape.


Once the lasting is done, the shaped upper part is attached with the sole. In this step, the upper and sole come together and form a shoe.


Once the shoe is made, the edges of the shoe are buffed to give it a proper and neat shape of the shoe.


This involves the final trimming, cleaning and polishing of the shoe to make it look as desirable as it feels.


Once the shoe is complete, it is packed in a beautiful Zebba box after being scanned and checked by our experts. It is now ready to be delivered at your doorstep.

Free Shipping
We do not charge our customers anything for the shipment. All delivery charges are borne by Zebba.
Made with love
Most of our shoes are handcrafted so it takes around 7 working days to process and courier your order. However, in the rarest of rare cases, it may take up to 10-12 business days.
15 days replacement
All unworn and undamaged products, unless specified, can be exchanged. We are happy to take back unused products within 15 days. We’ll replace and send you a new product.