The shy guy who sees a woman’s feet before he sees her face, Paras owns over 35 pairs of shoes and still counting. He is the next generation of shoe-manufacturers at Bharat Exports and after studying business management in UK he decided to take the business to the next level. Early on Paras realized the potential of the Indian markets and the need for oh-so-dropdead-gorgeous shoes for women here who have limited options from Indian brands.

He decided to start an Indian brand of genuine leather products and the way forward for him was digital. Hence, Zebba.co.in was born.

While his move has been unconventional to retail only online, Paras is a pretty conventional guy. If you’re a girl, he’ll probably open doors for you. Oh, also he never wears two socks of the same pair on any day. He will always pair one sock with a sock from another pair!


Shambhavi is tall. Really tall. This explains why most of her designs for Zebba have been pretty delicate ballerinas and slip-ons. The demure looking girl is the designer and muse for Zebba, which is her dream project along with Paras, her childhood friend. After visiting his factory in Kanpur over the years to pick countless pair of shoes, she realized she wanted to design these babies. A bachelors degree in applied arts from Rachana Sansad College in Mumbai taught her the finer nuances of design.

She is also an assistant designer at a leading design house in Mumbai where she creates beautiful designs for cushions and decor accessories best described only by the words of a poet.

Like Paras, Shambhavi also loves to observe people's footwear. She found Indian women were extremely well dressed but had a tough time finding shoes that could live up to the mark.

She loves good music, cupcakes, accessories, chick flicks and SHOES!

When asked about herself, here’s what Shambhavi had to say, “One who seeks life through all forms and colors…”

With Paras’ vision and Shambhavi’s inspired designs, Zebba became a reality.

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We do not charge our customers anything for the shipment. All delivery charges are borne by Zebba.
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Most of our shoes are handcrafted so it takes around 7 working days to process and courier your order. However, in the rarest of rare cases, it may take up to 10-12 business days.
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All unworn and undamaged products, unless specified, can be exchanged. We are happy to take back unused products within 15 days. We’ll replace and send you a new product.